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To Our Valued Patients

For the past 10 years, Fairbanks Periodontal Associates has taken great pride in treating our patients compassionately and safely. We have always maintained strict adherence to regulations from the CDC qnd ADA. Universal precautions, such as masks, gloves, eye protection, and disinfection of treatment rooms have always been the standard in our practice. Our sterilization procedures remain state-of-the-art, with all instruments being sterilized before any use.

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Bone Regeneration
Fairbanks, AK

Rendering image of bone regeneration at Fairbanks Periodontal Associates in Fairbanks, AKAt Fairbanks Periodontal Associates, our regenerative procedures can help you regenerate lost tissue and bone supporting your teeth. We also sometimes use this procedure to reverse some of the oral damages that periodontal diseases cause. Our team of qualified dentists can recommend bone regeneration when the consequences of periodontal disease destroys the bone supporting your teeth. This procedure helps regenerate lost tissue and bone to reverse some of damage caused by periodontal disease.

During this procedure, our team of qualified dentists will fold back your gum and use specialized tools to get rid of the disease that causes bacteria. We use tissue-stimulating proteins, bone grafts, and filters or membranes to enable the human body to regenerate tissue and bone on itself. Tissue and bone regeneration and bacteria elimination have proved to repair damage caused by periodontal disease progression and reduce pocket depth. With our professional periodontal maintenance and periodontal care and daily oral hygiene, our patients can increase the chances of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Oral hygiene can also decrease the chances of other health problems that are linked to periodontal disease. If you have periodontal disease; periodontal maintenance will help.

How Is It Done?

Our oral surgeons and dentists use specialized tools made of medical-grade titanium to allow the regeneration of bone. Bone regeneration applies to patients suffering from bone loss; thus, it doesn’t qualify as a traditional rehabilitation implants method. Our bone regeneration tools are designed and manufactured based on the needs of our clients to offer more advantages over other treatment procedures used for resolving bone loss problems.

The process of regenerating bone happens following the placement of a bone graft. We open the gumline to expose the jawbone and place a piece of donor bone into the area and close the incision to allow it to heal. The bone graft is allowed to heal, and after some time it will encourage bone growth in the area of the graft.


We use studies on the anatomy of the patient, analysis tools, and CAM/CAD tools to carry out the design process. Then our dental professionals use a sintering laser to carry out the manufacturing process to allow for the creation of lightweight and complicated high precision structures. That results in lightweight anatomical devices that our team of qualified dentists can adapt and manipulate for each patient.

Our custom-made bone regeneration tools allow our oral surgeons to plan our patient’s treatment process from diagnosis to rehabilitation. We use surgical guides and surgical planning tools to determine the amount of tissue required for a patient. We recommend bone regeneration when there is not sufficient bone to support a dental prosthesis or implant or when no teeth were left. The result is the formation of bone, which allows our dental professionals to insert implants for the rehabilitation of the patient. However, bone regeneration is a series of techniques and technological processes, starting with the moment our dental professionals capture diagnostic images, which then aids in the installation of other medical devices. For more information about bone regeneration therapy in dentistry, call our professionals here at Fairbanks Periodontal Associates at (907) 455-7100 today!

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Bone Regeneration | Fairbanks Periodontal Associates
At Fairbanks Periodontal Associates, our regenerative procedures can help you regenerate lost tissue and bone supporting your teeth. Click here to learn more.
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